About Saori Weaving

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The top Saori books include this bible for all the SAORI Weavers.

SAORI – Self-Innovation through Free Weaving

By Misao Jo & Kenzo Jo

The new book in English for learning SAORI Weaving, including its philosophy, weaving and warping technique, and patterns for making SAORI clothes.  The bible for all the SAORI Weavers. 

148 Pages.


Intermediate SAORI Clothing Design (Japanese only)


This book contains clothing designs which are easy to make. It contains 9 designs and each one has step by step drawings and instructions along with many beautiful photos of the examples.

94 pages.  9 designs.


Saori books provide endless inspiration.

Beginners’ SAORI Clothing Design (Japanese only)


This book contains clothing designs which are very easy to make even for beginners. This book contains 12 kinds of clothing that you can make only with straight line stitch and three kinds of seams. It explains each design with step by step drawing instructions along with the very beautiful photos of the examples.

62 pages.


Saori books for everyone. Learn how to design your own clothes.

SAORI Fuku no Katachi ni Suru (Japanese only)

By SAORI Hiroba

Pattern book for making SAORI clothes with step by step drawing instructions and full-colour photos.


SAORI – Shitate-no-hon (Japanese only)

By SAORI Leaders’ Committee

An original and simple pattern book for making SAORI clothes.  You can make more than 50 kinds of clothing with this book !


Graphic Sakiori

A photo book (with Japanese text) with beautiful images of items woven with cloth strips (Sakiori), some in a traditional fashion, some in SAORI-style. Real inspiration!


SAORI Accessories Idea book

This book is full of ideas for accessories made with SAORI handwoven fabric. This is not a how-to book, but an idea book. There are many bags and purses, showing variations on how to use the fabric, types of handles, etc. There are also stuffed animals, earring, t-shirts with SAORI weaving attached, slippers, wallets, hats and so much more. A book of inspiration of things to make with smaller pieces of woven fabric.

96 Pages. Japanese – “Totteoki no Zakka tachi”


Kyomo Jiyuni Oru (Japanese only)

Edited by Tatsuya Jo

A new book about SAORI Weaving edited by Tatsuya Jo, one of the grandchildren of the founder, Misao Jo. This book proposes a creative and relaxing lifestyle in which people enjoy SAORI Weaving in their daily life.
This book is written in Japanese, but it contains many beautiful photos, and visually explains basic techniques such as warping, threading, and weaving.

Tatsuya Jo is one of the three sons of Kenzo Jo, and he teaches SAORI Weaving at his own studio “Jota” in Tokyo, Japan.

The title means “I weave freely today, as always”

“Let’s look out through eyes that shine”