Saori Looms & Equipment

Some Saori looms are in stock, others can be ordered and drop-shipped directly to you. Please see the full catalogue of products from Japan

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Saori Loom Pricing 2016

SAORI CH60 : $1659
SAORI CH60 with 4 harness built-in (spring system): $2106                                                                                                               SAORI CH60-A2 for wheelchair-height adjustable: $1824
SAORI CH60-A2 (for wheelchair-height adjustable) : $1814

SAORI WX60 (foldable, all wood) : $1560
SAORI WX60 with 4 harness : $1998

SAORI SX60 (foldable-metal legs) : $1485
SAORI SX60 with 4 harness : $1998

SAORI SX60H (foldable metal legs-taller model) : $1560
SAORI SX60H with 4 harness : $1998

SAORI Piccolo : $1074

The new Saori loom WX-60.

The new WX-60 folding loom – all wood

$1560 – in stock

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