SAORI Classes

SAORI Freestyle Weaving Classes

Learn Saori Weaving

Enjoy learning to weave, SAORI style. Saori philosophy originates from Japan, and values freestyle exploration; no rules, no mistakes!

Come and learn Saori weaving – play with color and texture and reconnect with your creative soul in a serene setting in the San Fernando Valley (Los Angeles), California.

Ongoing classes for all ages, and by appointment.


Initial class (two hours) is $55, plus materials (by weight).

Class price thereafter is based on an hourly rate of $25 per hour, (minimum two hours), plus materials.

Class times:

Classes by appointment, please email for details.

Contact Laura by saoristudiola [at] earhtlink [dot] net or by phone at 310.488.1425

“Inspire one another and everyone in the group”