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This is a listing for one (or multiple) 12 cone sets of gold top cashmere cones from SAORI, Japan. Choose which set you’d like from the drop-down menu. The price listed is for ONE set of 12 cones. ($410 per set).

These are amazing. and the woven cloth becomes so light and fluffy and so soft to wear!
Each set has 12 colors of 48 to choose from! Or if you feel you cannot possibly choose, then what the heck… buy ’em all!

Stats from SAORI, Japan:
The Regular Cashmere has 48 color-variations.
Regular Cashmere: 2/20, Pure Cashmere 100%,
Weight per cone: 50g, approximately 500m per cone

Good for warp and weft.
Good for all kinds of weaving.
When you have finished weaving, wash 3 times longer than regular wool to give a soft and nice feel to the cloth.
Take note that cashmere will shrink by 1/3 of it’s size after its washed, in both length and width.

There are four different sets in these Regular Cashmere-gold topped sets: A, B, C and D
Each set includes 12 cones.
Set A contains #1~12,
B contains #13~24,
C contains #25~36,
D contains #37~48.

Please choose from the drop down menu for the set you would like (A, B, C or D).

Color Numbers and Names
1. White, 2. Beige, 3. Pearl Gray, 4. Silver Gray, 5. Iron Blue, 6. Ivory Black, 7. Charcoal Gray, 8. Coffee Brown, 9. Lamp Black, 10. Prussian Blue, 11. Midnight, 12. Black, 13. Purple, 14.Lavender, 15. Baby Pink, 16. Pink, 17. Rose Pink, 18. Mauve, 19. Magenta, 20. Tomato, 21. Red, 22. Bordeaux, 23. Wine Red, 24. Violet, 25. Grass Green, 6. Moss Green, 27. Evergreen, 28. Olive, 29. Marine Blue, 30. Navy, 31. Pansy, 32. Sapphire, 33. Peacock, 34. Cyan, 35. Sky Blue, 36. Baby Blue, 37. Apple Green, 38. Blond, 39. Marigold, 40. Orange 41. Pumpkin, 42. Terracotta, 43. Carrot, 4. Cocoa, 45. Buff, 46. Sepia, 47. Topaz, 48. Cork

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Cashmere Sets

Set A, Set B, Set C, Set D


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