SAORI-INSIDE SET for 60 series looms


This is a listing for ONE kit of a SAORI inside set.


Metal, Wood, cardboard

NOTE: The options will be available for purchase shortly.
21 dents per inch
17 dents per inch
12 dents per inch
10 dents per inch
7 dents per inch
5 dents per inch

>> PLEASE email me BEFORE purchasing to discuss availability and shipping options <<

This is a listing for ONE kit of a SAORI inside set.
The inside set consists of 2 harnesses with bold holes, one reed with dent size of your choice, clipping tie rod and an already assembled warp extension kit (paper pipe with cords attached and a additional clipping tie rod),
This inside set includes a warp extension kit (paper pipe with cords attached and a clipping tie rod), plus the additional clipping tie rod for the front of the warp You are receiving 2 clipping tie rods in total with everything else all ready to go.

There is no need to assemble anything and you don’t have to tie your warp on at the back, you can clip it easily. Having the additional clipping tie rod also give you the option to use the warp extension kit on its own to extend the warp on a ready-made warp. You can clip it and avoiding the loss of 2-3 feet of warp!

If you are price comparing to other inside sets available online , this one is marginally higher in cost due to the difference in the items you are get in the order. The lower priced option elsewhere offers a plain paper pipe, separate cords and a regular tying rod, not a clipping tie rod for the warp.. This is the reason for the price difference.

The SAORI inside set is a fantastic option if you prefer the “sushi bar” approach to weaving and wish to interchange your warps and avert boredom . It enables you to have options of which warp you want to weave on. For me, I get bored with one piece of the same fish. I like to have choices… An inside set gives you that option. You can have one loom and as many inside sets (warps on the go) as your pocketbook can afford.

Feel free to email or convo me with any questions, or if you want to know more about the reed dent options.

I always reimburse for any shipping overage paid. The cost estimate for shipping is an estimate only. Depending on your location, the cost could be less (I refund you), or possibly more than my quote. In that case I would ask you for the difference.. Thank you for your understanding.



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